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Project Description
Like the title says, this is an asynchronous Facebook API for .NET. It's designed to be both easy to use and scalable/robust. It assumes a working knowledge of the Facebook developer platform. If you're having scalability or performance issues with the Facebook Developer Toolkit or are concerned with the scalability/performance of your Facebook application, this is the library for you.

Fbasync was originally created as a hobby project, but JD joined Hive7 and it is now in use by Knighthood, a medieval war game with over 2 million users, 100,000+ daily active users, and 10,000 simultaneous sessions. After putting fbasync into production we saw a dramatic decrease in server resource utilization and also page requests times! Hive7 is currently hiring. So send us an email if you want to join this exciting team and work on code like this every day.

  • Maximum scalability
  • High performance
  • Introduce developers to asynchronous development – It's not that hard!
We will not expose synchronous api's for anything that makes a call to the Facebook RESTful API. Synchronous API's to remote web services lead to nothing but heartache (frozen desktop applications, unresponsive web sites, and crashes). Asynchronous programming isn't as hard as you might think. Give it a shot. If you can do AJAX, you can use this library. Read JD's blog for details.

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