Send SMS and Send notifications

Oct 12, 2009 at 11:35 AM


I am using fbsync to send sms and notications. I am using

Connection.SendNotificationAsync(targets, notification.Text, (NotificationTypes)Enum.Parse(typeof(NotificationTypes), bl.SelectedValue)); for sending notications but iam getting error message saying invalid notification type. Plz letme know where iam going wrong.

For sending sms iam  using

Connection.BeginSendSms(myid,"Test Message from fbasync", false, null, null)

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"Test Message from fbasync", false, null, null);"Test Message from fbasync", false, null);

I am not able to send sms to mobile.

Where i have to give phone number, how can i check whether the user has given permission to send sms. Plz tell me how to use those methods to send sms from my application.